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Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Hello fellow Ocean Activist- Stephen here with more sustainable summer tips!


Tip # 2: Pick up wherever you go!

I often find myself flying over beaches made up of stone, sand, and even glass. Nowadays I am coming across beaches littered with trash and plastic. As the vacation months’ role out more and more people are seeking the heat of the sun and the breeze of the ocean, and with that comes a treacherous companion: plastic wrappers. They come in all shapes and sizes. Their colorful wrappers often break through the pristine sand.

I prevent these wrappers from flowing into the ocean by swooping down and grabbing them with my beak. We can all help while we vacation! Picking up plastic bottles and wrappers is something simple we can do to help the environment. So go ahead and take a stroll down the beach-you could end up saving a life! 

Sustainably yours,

Stephen the Seagull

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