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Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Hello fellow Ocean Activist- Stephen here with more sustainable summer tips!

Tip # 4: Go and explore your surroundings-responsibly!

Traveling and waste are two things that are not mutually exclusive. Look at me! I constantly fly around the world, but you don’t see me creating a mess of the place. Unlike humans, my feathery appendages reduce the number of activities I can do on vacation. If it doesn’t involve flying, waddling, or pecking something with my beak, I’m most likely unable to participate. I see humans on these weird vehicles in the ocean. Some are small and jetting through the water, while others are massive and seem to anchor themselves in the deep.

I prefer to perch myself at the end of a kayak or canoe, as it careens down the water. These activities rely only on strength and determination, as opposed to pollutants of any sort. Continue to enjoy your sustainable summer vacations!

Sustainably yours,

Stephen the Seagull