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Storm Drain stenciling with Stephen Seagull and the Girl Scouts

Storm Drain stenciling with Stephen Seagull and the Girl Scouts - Keep plastics out of our Oceans

Shore Buddies Girl Scouts beach clean up

80% of all plastics found in the Oceans have their origin on land. Therefore, it is important to stop the pollution at its source. Stephen went out with the Girl Scouts Troop 4972 and I love a Clean San Diego. Together they labeled storm drains in San Diego.

This is important especially in the colder month. Those months when winter storms occur in otherwise usually dry Southern California. Rain washes all sort of lose trash into our waterways and eventually into the Pacific Ocean. While the girls were on it to mark the storm drains, they also took care of the environment and combined it with a little community clean up. No trash in our Oceans!

Girl Scout picking up trash

Shore Buddies Storm Drain stenciling - keeping plastics out of the Oceans2
The kids had a fun and amazing as well as very educational Saturday. By actively being part of the community that goes out and changes things. Our future raises awareness about an issue we all should be very concerned of. Those stencils definitely will make someone think twice what is happen to that thrown away gum wrapper or cigarette bud. Great job girls!

Stephen Seagull Storm Drain Stencil

Stephen is made from 6 recycled plastic bottles

I love a clean San Diego