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Wisdom Wednesday 1/15/2020

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Sea Slug photo by William Zoo on Instagram

Photo by William Soo

This Sea Slug, called the Costasiella usagi, or Strawberry Slug, is very rare to see. Because of that, not much information about their behavior is known. This tiny and superbly camouflaged slug is often found on solitary fan greens seaweed, which they also feed on. At low tide, many slugs are often seen on one sea fan, usually clustered near the base of this seaweed. Their size is about 1cm or smaller. They have short, soft bodies with lots of short finger-like projections (cerata) that are transparent at the tips and filled with green materials. Some have black spots, while others have white stripes on the cerata. Their tiny black eyes close together between the pair of long rhinophores help them see things up close.