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Wisdom Wednesday 10/23/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Picasso Triggerfish image from Instagram user @submerged_images

“Picasso Triggerfish! There is no way to avoid bumping into at least one on your way out for a dive, and let me tell you, they are super protective of their nest space.” Picasso's dig their shelters under solid objects by swimming sand away. This is done by putting their mouth against a solid object and swim like crazy, thereby creating a current that takes the sand away and making a little nest area. Triggerfish have a hard spine Dorsal Fin that can be locked. When sleeping this spine is used to wedge them into place in a crevasse and so deter predators from pulling them out of their bed! “While the fish in this photo appears to be sitting there allowing me to take his photo it was quite the contrary. He came up at me from the sandy bottom with such intent and speed that I couldn't believe I managed to get him in the frame, let alone having him and is grumpy face in focus!” Picasso Triggerfish vocalizes using a "grunting" sound.

Quotes from @submerged_images


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