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Wisdom Wednesday 12/11/19

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Pineapple Fish image by @divercaptain on Instagram

Image by @divercaptain on Instagram

The PIneapple Fish is named for it's spiny yellow scales, resembling a pineapple. The sharp scales help to protect the fish against predators like octopuses and reef sharks. This fish has a yellow body when it is young. As the fish gets older, it's body turns a darker red color. Pineapple Fish are slow swimmers because of their small fins and rigid armor. They grow up to about 10 inches long. They typically weigh around 5 pounds as adults, with a plump, round body shape. Pineapple fish have very unusual feeding habits.  They have thin, tiny teeth and feed at night with a small green patch on their lower jaw that is covered in small bacteria that glow in the dark. This glow attracts small shrimp. This patch turns from green to red as they get older.