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Wisdom Wednesday 12/19/2018

Wisdom Wednesday 12/19/2018

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday protecting coral reefs

Reefs usually grow on the east shore of land masses. The ideal temperature for a coral reef, between 68 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, is warmer on the eastern shore than the western side because of the sunlight. This is also why they rarely grow in waters deeper than 45 feet, and are found in tropical oceans in the clearer and warmer water. Reefs also like to grow where there is stronger wave patterns and currents. This delivers more food for the ecosystem, which helps create the reef structure. Sometimes, reefs can begin growing on not as natural terms; the navy will sink old ships to allow a coral reef to grow! Coral and algae like to grow on the shells of sunken boats, and this type of coral reef can help preserve different sea biomes, especially with the help of the navy!

Source: www.conserve-energy-future.com

Photo by @stevepeletz

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