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Wisdom Wednesday 4/22/20

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Photo of a Spiny Devilfish by Manuela Kirschner on Instagram

Photo by Manuela Kirschner

Not much is known about the Spiny Devilfish, but what is known mostly revolves around it’s spines. It has poisonous spines on the dorsal, anal and ventral fins. This fish is predominantly well camouflaged (and so easy to miss) and lies buried up to the eyes and mouth, waiting for prey to swim by to ambush by lunging forward and inhaling their prey with their large mouths. If it feels threatened, the Devilfish tries to escape, but if it cannot, it spreads its striking pectoral fins and the caudal fin as a deterrent. The Spiny Devilfish walks rather than swims. Its colors vary from place to place. It feeds nocturnally on fish and invertebrates.