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Wisdom Wednesday 8/07/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 

Stephen Seagull of Shore Buddies

Seagulls are very old creatures. They have existed on the planet at least 30 to 33 million years. Seagulls are very intelligent birds. They use bread crumbs to attract fish and produce rain-like sound with their feet to attract earthworms hidden under the ground. They are also one of the rare animals that are able to drink salt water. Drinking the ocean water will not make them dehydrated, but will actually quench their thirst, unlike with humans and most mammals. They have special glands (located above the eyes) which eliminate excess salt from the body. Young Seagulls will form nursery flocks where they will play and learn vital skills for adulthood. Nursery flocks are watched over by a few adult males and these flocks will remain together until the birds are old enough to breed.


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