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Wisdom Wednesday | Great Hammerhead Sharks

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 02/10/2021

Instagram photo of a Great Hammerhead Shark. Hammerhead Shark photo by Jim Abernethy.

Photo by Jim Abernethy

Great Hammerhead Sharks live in tropical and temperate waters around the world with temperatures of about 68 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. They generally inhabit coral reefs, continental shelves, and lagoons. The Great Hammerhead Shark is the largest of the known species of Hammerhead Sharks. The average Great Hammerhead measures about 11-13 feet in length, but they can reach up to 20 feet. Great Hammerheads generally weigh around 500 pounds. Despite their great size and reputation, these sharks are generally harmless to humans. Rare attacks usually occur when they are provoked. Great Hammerheads use their hammer-shaped heads to find and eat their prey, which can include crabs, squids, various fish and occasionally, other small sharks. Their hammer-shaped heads contain electrical receptors that help them find their food, even if their prey is  hidden in the sand. Unlike other species of Hammerheads, Great Hammerhead sharks hunt in solitary. Great Hammerheads also grow faster than other species of Hammerheads. They reach maturity between 5 and 9 years of age and can live for up to 44 years.