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Wisdom Wednesday | Orcas

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 07/28/21

large orca in monterey bay

If you’re coming from our Instagram, you already know that the orca is a member of the dolphin family, but did you know they are the largest members of the dolphin family?  Known as the “killer whale,” orcas are classified as apex predators because no other sea creatures actively hunt them.  Some animals they eat include different types of fish, seals, squid, and even large animals like whales and the great white shark!  Like an ordinary dolphin, orcas can use their echolocation, which can bounce off their prey to better help with the hunt for their next meal.    Swimming in pods of two to four, a male orca will swim with its mother for its whole life, while the female tends to stray away to take care of kids of her own!  Sadly our orca friends are becoming endangered, so it’s super important you do your part in protecting them by keeping our oceans safe and clean!


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