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Wisdom Wednesday | Penguins

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 09/15/21

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We all know that penguins can’t fly, but did you know that they have adapted their wings to be better at swimming in the water?  Their black and white coloring helps them to camouflage while they are darting through the seas.  From below their white bellies appear to be nothing else than the sun reflecting on the water, and from above their black feathers blend in with the ocean.  Some penguins though have yellow crests on their chests, as well as red beaks and eyes.  Although they eat and drink from the ocean, a penguin’s lifetime is often split half and half between the water and land.  Because they are not mammals, they lay eggs on land as well.  They have no direct predators, but because of things like global warming penguins have become vulnerable to being endangered.  That is why it is important to do your part in keeping oceans clean and practicing sustainability!

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