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"You dolphins are smart, you don't eat plastic, right?!"

Hi Guys, Finn here!

I really want to tell you something here. I am so over with hearing it again and again. "Oh, you dolphins are smart, you don't have a problem with that plastic, right? You just don't eat it, duh?!" Well, news for you buddy! We don't do it by choice. It literally is just everywhere. You, know we are playing in the waves or are chasing this delicious school of fish. Next thing you know, you chew on something that doesn't feel right. Bah! A bottle cap or a straw or just little pieces of plastic. It is everywhere guys; And we are the ones swimming in it!

Shore Buddies Finn sees plastic climbing up the food chain.png

But it gets worse. Even when you try and avoid as much as you can and you are super duper careful... It is in our food!! The fish eat it all the time. Some of them have really bad vision and to them those tiny pieces look like their food and they eat and then we eat.


So yes, we Dolphins are intelligent. But do not think we are not affected by this too. At least 48 species of dolphins have found having plastic ingested. Please help to keep plastics out of our Oceans.