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The Shore Buddies Show - Plastic Free Valentine's Day with Mikaela

Episode 39 - Plastic Free Valentine's Day with Mikaela

Happy Valentine's Day! 💓♻️💙💘🐢😍🐬

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! While it’s great to have a day to show our family and friends that we love them, most store-bought valentines are not recyclable, and can create additional ocean plastic pollution. Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while also showing love for the environment. In this Shore Buddies Show Episode, our very own Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Mikaela Nichols is making an eco and ocean-friendly Valentine's Card with Seed Paper. Follow along. 💓♻️💙💘🐢😍🐬

More Ways to celebrate plastic free this Valentine's Day:

*You can make a card with things you have at home, like old magazines, newspapers, or catalogues! *If you still have your valentines from last year, use scissors and glue, get creative, and turn them into new cards for your friends!

*Find some rocks outside. Glue them to pieces of recycled cardboard with the word “You” written on them. Now you can tell your friends, “You rock!”

*Cut hearts from recycled cardboard or paper, and decorate them any way you like!

*Decorate brown paper bags and fill them with small gifts, like crayons, flower seeds, or popping corn!

*Wrap a small Mandarin orange with baker’s twine. Attach a green paper leaf that says, “I’m sweet on you! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

*Do you have old crayons that you’re not using anymore? Have a grown-up help you melt them in a heart-shaped mold, and you can give your friends heart-shaped crayons! *Want to give someone flowers? Store-bought flowers are usually wrapped in plastic, so pick or grow your own instead!

*Instead of exchanging gifts with your family, which can create additional waste, have a special meal together, or enjoy a family game night or movie night! Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy sharing love with your friends and family, the environment, and the Shore Buddies!

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