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The Shore Buddies Show - Visiting the San Diego Humane Society: Project Wildlife

Episode 25 - Virtual visit at the San Diego Humane Society: Project Wildlife

Shore Buddies is getting a virtual tour at the San Diego Humane Society's Project Wildlife. Malte is joined at this episode of the Shore Buddies Show by Project Wildlife Education Specialist Carly Padilla who is giving a tour of their facility. Learn what the Project Wildlife does, how they are bringing rescued wildlife back to life and eventually release the animals back to the wild. Carly is taking us on this virtual tour through the bird room, let us participate in a gull feeding, shows what are the reasons how birds are getting endangered in the wild and emphasizes the Co-existence of animals and humans. Furthermore, learn how you can get in touch with them and how you can help and support them. 💙♻️🐢🆘🦆🐥❤️