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Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador

Meet our awesome SB Ocean Ambassadors!

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Kristen (Destin, FL)

"...I love being a Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador because I feel passionately strong to the ocean just as Shore Buddies do with wanting to help protect the ocean and marine life. Living the beach lifestyle, I hope to bring awareness and exposure to help saving marine life!"
Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Lindsay
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Ali (San Diego, CA)

"...Love supporting amazing companies with a great cause and goal in mind. Thank you Shore Buddies for letting me represent you guys! Thank you for helping and supporting our oceans!"
Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Ali
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Cindy (Orlando, FL)

"I'm happy to be a Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador! Like them, I believe in ocean conversation and sustainability. The ocean gives me so much happiness and its important to protect it for future generations to enjoy!"
Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Cindy
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Courtney (San Diego, CA)

"... I am proud to say I am now a Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador! I love teaming up with companies that are all about helping save the ocean...."
Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Courtney
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Lindsay (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

"...if you haven't heard of Shore Buddies yet, be sure to check them out! I am super happy to be supporting such an awesome brand. Adorable + eco-friendly stuffed animals made of recycled plastic bottles that are kid friendly and mama approved."
Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Lindsay
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Marlene (Chula Vista, CA)

"We must live life happily! Playing, smiling, laughing, fighting for good health, and to be a liberated soul! I'm as happy as the little boy in the corner playing with his pup to be a Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador!"
Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Marlene