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Cute Stuffed Animals Make From Recycled Plastic Bottles!!

Cute Stuffed Animals Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles!!

"Can't believe they are made from plastic bottles! They are so soft and cuddly! The sound is amazing!" - Ashley M.


  • Made From 6 Plastic Bottles: Bottles are shredded, cleaned, melted. Then, they are spun into a custom fabric yarn to make our Shore Buddies stuffed animals.
  • Plays Authentic Animal Sound When Pressed: Sound effect recorded by a professional marine biologist scientist for a truly authentic experience.
  • Teaches Kids: On how ocean plastics make a direct impact on our environment. Each Shore Buddy comes with an information tag talking about how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  • Join The Mission: We strive to save marine life by educating our youth on the dangers of plastics for Marine Life and keeping plastics out of our Oceans. $1 from every purchase goes to help save marine life.

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See Why Customers LOVE Shore Buddies So Much....

See Why Customers LOVE Shore Buddies So Much!!

"I ordered a Sammy for my son. He arrived today and is so cute! I love how soft he is and his bark is adorable. My son hasn't put him down. He's so happy! We love Shore Buddies and can't wait to get them all!"

- Mermaid S.

"Shelly is super cute, super soft and a great addition to the book and the rest of the Shore Buddies. Having a tangible example of what recycling can do is a great way for kids to learn the most important of lessons"

- Daunell B.

"Just got mine and love them so much. The sounds are really incredible and they're so soft I can't believe they are made from plastic. Thank you for what you do for our oceans!!"

- Courtney C.

Join The Shore Buddies Mission To Keep Plastics Out Of Our Oceans!

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