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Become an Investor!

Become an Investor!

Come join our Mission:
"Bring Sustainability into Play, to Keep Plastics out of the Ocean"
We are looking for investment to further grow Shore Buddies. Become part of the journey!

Come join our Mission:
"Bring Sustainability into Play, to Keep Plastics out of the Ocean"
We are looking for investment to further grow Shore Buddies. Become part of the journey!


"We cannot wait till High School.... We want the students to grow up with this awareness; so that sustainability becomes second nature from day one"
- Daniela Gibson | School Director GISSV


The Problem we solve:

Ocean Plastic Pollution is a global issue that is still getting worse than better. Despite the many clean up activities underway, experts predict that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. Without a generational change in behavior on how we produce and consume products as well as how we use plastics in society, we won’t be able to reverse this trend. But Shore Buddies is here to help!

How is Shore Buddies different?

Shore Buddies is turning recycled plastic bottles into educational toys. It takes about 6x bottles to make 1x 12" stuffed animal.

Not only are the stuffed animals sustainable themeselves, they also teach the kids about the impact plastic has on our environment, our planet and especially our Oceans.

Games, stories, books, comics, animated videos as well as mobile games are all used to help with our mission to educate the next generation to become more aware of the impacts plastic has for the environment;
And that we all can make a different with our actions!

See a preview of one of our educational videos below:

What is Your Impact?

All Shore Buddies are made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. We were the first stuffed animal manufacturer that created 100% of the toy from recycled plastic fibres (rPET).
Our concept has proven to be so innovative that we received an Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grant, as well as a nomination for the US Toy of the Year awards (TOTY) in the category Plush in 2021.

- How they are made -

- As Seen On -

Are You Guys a Non-Profit?

No. We actually are a "California Social Purpose Corporation" (Learn more here). Our Company Mission is written into our Business Operations and allows us to pursue more than maximizing profit. Our Articles of Incorporation state "[to] Educate consumers and children about the dangers of ocean plastic pollution through the production and sales of toys and other products made from recycled materials that divert waste from the ocean."
"The Corporation shall also promote the positive effects of diversion of plastic waste from the ocean and promote the reduction of single use plastics together with the financial interests of the shareholders and compliance with legal obligations and shall take action consistent with such purposes with regard to the Corporation’s employees, suppliers, customers and creditors, the community and society, and the environment."

In Short: We are a Social Enterprise

How Do you give back?

We have giving back in our DNA!
We work together with schools and ocean minded non-profit organizations together all the time to teach about the dangers of plastic pollution for our oceans and how it harms marine life. We have a full extra page about that. Please have a look here.

How can we get involved?

We have seen tremendous growth over the last 3 years and have tripled our revenue from 2020-2022. Sustainability is the most important (and needed!) topic in toys at the moment!

Therefore, we want to grow the company further and keep that momentum going. We are currently raising money on a crowdfunding platform called WeFunder. You can get involved with as little as $250.- and double your money within the next 3 years.*

With larger investments, there are additional perks such as a special edition set of Shore Buddies as well as sending the Shore Buddies team to a school of your choice for a private workshop around Ocean Plastic Pollution.

Larger investments also have a larger payout sum:

What are you going to do with the money?

Our growth strategy is focusing on what we are doing best! Bringing Sustainability into Play! Your investment will help us to further grow the business through additional advertising, attending industry tradeshows as well as expand our sales and marketing team. The more Shore Buddies we sell:

- the less Plastic Bottles in Our Oceans

- the more Kids learn about Ocean Plastic Pollution

- the more Kids feel empowered to take action

- the more smiles on faces :)

"Shelly is super cute, super soft and a great addition with the book and the rest of the Shore Buddies. Having a tangible example of what recycling can do is a great way for kids to learn this most important of lessons."

- Daunell B., Boston, MA -

"My kids love stuffed animals, and to be honest I don’t know a child who doesn’t. There is something warm and inviting about a big eyed plush animal ready for a hug. Shore-buddies brings all the lovable qualities of stuffed animals combined with a mission to make the world a better place."

- Miranda H., San Diego, CA -

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

- What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money to finance projects and businesses. It enables the fundraiser to collect money from a large number of people via an online platform. Crowdfunding is most often used by startup companies or growing businesses as a way of accessing alternative funds. It is an innovative way of sourcing funding by using the power of the online community. There are usually 2 types of Crowdfunding: Product Crowdfunding and Investment Crowdfunding.

- What is the difference between Product Crowdfunding and Investment Crowdfunding?

Product crowdfunding is typically hosted on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where you pay in advance for the goods or services. Product crowdfunding is alive and well and totally legal under current rules. Investment Crowdfunding is when a company offers the chance to invest directly for a financial return or to buy ownership in the company to the public. Platform typically used for Investment crowdfunding are WeFunder and StartEngine. Shore Buddies is offering an Investment Crowdfunding.

- What will I get when I invest?

Of course, you want to invest wisely and make some money. Our campaign offers a 2x Return on Investment (ROI). In addition, we offer tiered perks for certain investment amounts too, so you'll also receive those if the amount you invest qualifies.

- How do I earn a return on my investment?

We are offering a Revenue Based Financing (RRBF) which allocates a certain percentage of all sales to investors. A revenue share returns a fixed amount of money, but the time it takes to repay depends on how well the business does. The faster the business grows revenue, the faster you earn a return, and the higher your effective interest rate.

- Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world.

- What happens after I invest?

When you invest, your funds are transferred to an escrow account, in custody of Boston Private Bank. If the fundraise campaign reaches its goal and succeeds, your money will be released to the startup. Otherwise, it will be refunded to you.

- Which platform are you using and where can I find more information?

We are using WeFunder. You can find more infomration here: Investors FAQ

*All metrics and forecasts contain forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed

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