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Rallying against single use plastic

Shore Buddies stands up for Ocean Animals and against plastic 

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It is Early August. I just got back from another Tradeshow and I have this email in my inbox from an “advocate” in Sacramento, California. Eager to connect.
She was reaching out and wanted to partner up to rally in favor of companion bills SB54 & AB1080. These two ambitious companion bills will reduce the amount of product waste by decreasing single-use packaging and plastic products sold in California. This would be a huge step towards a circular economy.
Jennifer and I talk on the phone. We immediately are on the same page and share the same goal. This is such an important cause! We need to go to Sacramento and rally to give marine life a voice!

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Circular Economy

These two bills would require manufacturers and producers to undertake responsibility for their products after they are sold. It also would include the packaging in which the products are delivered to the customer.
I have been advocating and promoting that we need to develop towards a circular economy for many years. I truly believe this is our only option for a truly sustainable future as a society. A circular economy is based on the principle that all resources do not create any waste. They are either compostable, reusable or recyclable. It would eliminate all waste from any new products, create a demand for recyclables, and would allow for more sustainable transportation as well. Furthermore, I personally have great hope that once we start establishing a circular economy, we are automatically developing more ways to find a use for all the stuff we already have produced. For example, using new technology to create products from all that plastic floating in our oceans. After all, this is what Shore Buddies does.

In Sacramento, Jennifer introduces us to the groups. We are rallying with many like minded organizations. Oceana, The Story of Stuff Project, Surfrider Foundation, 5 Gyers, Heal the BayCALPIRGSave Our Shores and many many more! They are all here today as well speaking out in support of the bills.

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Shore Buddies book reading in Kindergarten.
La Jolla, CA

I believe that we must do something now, especially with plastic. It is unbearable that we create something to put out into our environment that outlives several generations before it goes away. We must start somewhere and change our attitude towards waste, trash, recycling and life in better harmony with our ecosystem. We owe it to our children and future generations to take better care of our planet.

At Shore Buddies, our mission is to save marine life and keep plastics out of the ocean. Education is our biggest strength. Daily, we see children that learn about what plastic does to the environment and are willing to make a change. They are afraid of growing up in a world where there is more plastic than fish in our oceans. They are taking the initiative and are stepping up. Change makers like Ryan Hickman, Sammie Vance and Orion Shearer; not only do they shine through their actions and hands-on work for a cleaner future, they are also a huge inspiration for others. They are demanding change and it is time that we listen to them. We are responsible for their immediate future!

Shore Buddies is fully supporting bills SB54 & AB1080. If you live in California, legislators want to hear from you before their final vote on September 13th! Please help to reduce litter & landfills, tell your representative to vote!


We encourage everyone, if you are strolling the beach and happen to see a piece of plastic: pick it up, take a picture and post it with the hashtags below to help bring awareness and help pass this law:

#shorebuddies #Yeson54 #Yeson1080 


Find your representative here:

Call using Phone2Action (includes bill facts and call script):

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Senate Bill 54:

Assembly Bill 1080: