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Weekly Newsletter | Finn the Dolphin

Weekly Newsletter | Finn the Dolphin

Hey fellow Shore Buddies :)

Another Sunday is here! You know what that means. 

It is Finn the dolphin here this week, coming to you live from our bright blue sea. I haven’t checked in with you all lately, but lately in my life I have been enjoying the heat of summer. The extra hot air has made the ocean of ours extra refreshing. I’ve been playing with all my other aquatic brothers and sisters, however, we have been running into some problems out in the blue. 

Plastic Straws! :( While I don’t have many enemies, plastic straws are one of them, and for an enemy, they seem to get in my way far too often. I really worry about how unlike many other products, plastic straws do not have the power to biodegrade and therefore way too many end up in our oceans. 

These plastic straws are a huge problem because not only do they get in many of my friends and family’s swimmingly way, but they also can end up in our food stream. That is a huge no no! 

Oftentimes, when me or my aquatic friends see plastic straws in our underwater habitat, we think these straws are food and we eat them. These straws are both a choking hazard and create us aquatic animals to think we have a full stomach - thus leading us to die from starvation. 

You can help me keep plastic straws out of the ocean by buying a Shore Buddies online today! With every purchase of a Shore Buddies, $1 goes towards helping the ocean. 

Help support the Shore Buddies mission and our beautiful big blue ocean :) 

I’ll sea you guys soon. Keep an eye out for me when you’re laying on the beach!

Finn the Dolphin 


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