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Weekly Newsletter | Sammy the Seal

Weekly Newsletter | Sammy the Seal

Happy swimmingly Sunday Shore Buddies! 

Sammy the seal here, 

Today marks another day for some Shore Buddies Ocean News AND it is the start of August :)

What do you like to do at the beginning of the month? I like to make some sustainable goals for myself - with hopes to care for that beautiful big blue ocean of ours!

Lucky for me, I am very passionate about plastic pollution, and there are about a million ways we can reduce plastic pollution here on Earth, so it is fun for me to decide each month which ways I want to tackle plastic pollution! 

On a less bright note, seals like me, including some of my closest friends, family, and ancestors can be injured by plastic bags far too often. It is actually quite common for seals to become entangled in all kinds of plastic items, most commonly, plastic bags. Most times this entanglement leads to serious injury in the seal world and sometimes even death. The worst part of it all, not only does this plastic harm us, but it harms the health of the ocean and the ecosystems within the big blue as well. That’s no good :(

My number one goal for the month is to promote the use of only REUSABLE shopping bags. By switching from plastic shopping bags to reusable bags alone, we are making a world of difference. Think about how many bags are collected at stores each day, and how easy that trash could be eliminated if we simply just used reusable bags! Not only that, but reusable shopping bags are fun and a bit cuter than an old dirty plastic bag. 

I am excited to check out what kind of bags I see you humans using this month when I make my way to shore, and maybe I’ll strike up a little conversation with you reusable bag users!

Remember that together, all of us can make a difference. Check out a Sammy the Seal toy or Keychain this week and get 15% off your purchase! AND, remember, with the purchase of any and every Shore Buddies, $1 goes to the Ocean. Now that is fun!

Sea ya later!

Sammy the Seal

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