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The Shore Buddies Show

The Shore Buddies Show - Plastic Free Easter

Episode 41: Happy Plastic Free Easter

Happy Easter! Make Shore to keep your Holiday celebrations as plastic free as possible. Ditch the plastic decorations and fake plastic eggs and make this easter sustainably. And you turtally can have fun plastic free! Here is a fun idea for an egg hunt 🎁🐰
Happy Easter from The Shroe Buddies!

The Shore Buddies Show - St. Patrick's Day

 Episode 40: St. Patrick's Day

Malte is joined on The Shore Buddies Show today by our very own Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassador Mikaela Nichols and her brother Kai Nichols to talk about all thing St. Patrick's Day, including how to make a leprechaun trap! With a few simple materials, you'll be catching leprechauns (or other sneaky little things) in no time! Be sure to take a picture of your creations and tag us on Instagram & Facebook! ♻️💙🐢😍🐬


This holiday is all about staying green so you don't get pinched, especially by that pesky plastic floating by. Stay green friends! ♻️💙

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The Shore Buddies Show - Plastic Free Xmas for Our Oceans

Episode 37 - Holiday Special - Plastic Free Xmas for Our Oceans

Happy Holidays! 🎁🎅♻️💙🐢🐬🌎 It’s the season for winter holidays, and while this brings many opportunities for fun, it can also cause unnecessary plastic waste. According to Stanford University, “Americans throw out 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday than any than any other time of year. The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage,” and we don’t want any of that going into the ocean. Here are some ways that you can enjoy the holiday season while helping to keep the ocean safe for the Shore Buddies! ♻️💙🐢🐬

The Shore Buddies Show - Shore Buddies Plastic Footprint Calculator

Episode 30 - Calculate your Plastic Footprint

Less than 20% of all single use plastic is actively recycled and turned into new products. Many items end up in landfills, the environment and the oceans affecting the health of Marine Life heavily. How much plastic do we actually use? It seems so little; one straw here, a plastic cup there... But all this plastic adds up. Check out our Shore Buddies Plastic Footprint calculator. Enter the plastic items you use on average per day and find out how much plastic you use, in a day, a year and how much you already have used in your entire life. Shocking numbers. How big is your plastic footprint? 💙♻️🐬🐢🚯

Click here for the online calculator

Download the PDF here

All Shore Buddies Show episodes are here: