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Finn and Sammy’s Preach to Keep Our Oceans Clean

Finn and Sammy’s Preach to Keep Our Oceans Clean

It is Finn the dolphin and Sammy the Seal here today to put in a little word about what has been on our minds lately.

 While we are surely gloriously riding the wave of sweet summertime, it is no surprise to us that we are experiencing some unintended consequences in our oceans which are all a bit too familiar.

As Finn the dolphin, plastic straws have always been what I try to advocate most against and teach all the other fishes and humans about the harm they bring to our oceans. Since plastic straws are not biodegradable, they inevitably end up in our waterways and oceans. Not only does this disrupt me and Sammy’s swim and play schedule, but this also puts us and all our other sea relatives at a great health risk!

I am here to remind you guys to please say NO to plastic straws when you can, and check out the immortal reusable straws that are sold on Shore Buddies website :) As summer picks up and the Pandemic slows down, Sammy and I are getting hit with too much debris :/

Sammy the Seal here! You guys know I love to sit in the sun, take a dunk in the ocean, AND remind you guys how great it is to be part of the clan of reusable bags! Just like Finn mentioned about plastic straws, plastic bags also find endless homes within our oceans, causing me and Finn and all our other ocean ancestors the same disruption that plastic straws do. To help us reduce plastic pollution in oceans, I want you guys to remember to bring those fun reusable bags when you go out shopping! They are so much more appealing to the eye and those are keeping your friends out in the ocean swimmingly happy and safe!

We will attach a link to some of our favorite fun reusable shopping bags since they are not sponsored on our website! Enjoy friends.

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