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Wisdom Wednesday | Sea Turtles

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 10/5/22

Sea turtle

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Land turtles and sea turtles are very different.  For example, sea turtles can’t hide in their shells from predators as land ones do.  They also have boat-rudder-like legs to help them steer in the water as they swim.  Sea turtles will sleep underwater and eat underwater, but when laying their eggs, they will swim to the shore and lay them on the sand.  Did you know that the temperature of the sand actually determines whether the baby turtle will be a boy or a girl?  Scientists say that the cooler the sand, the more likely it will be a boy, while the warmer the sand typically indicates a girl!  Finally, as sea turtles make their way back to the water, they get their green turtle color based off how green the algae they eat is!  Now, aren’t all these facts turtally cool?

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